AirFit F20 Full Face CPAP Mask with QuietAir


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AirFit F20 – new and old technologies combine to make ResMed’s best full face mask yet

  • New InfinitySeal silicone cushion designed to accommodate your movements, and tolerate misfitting
  • Easy to use magnetic clips for quick fitting
  • Flexible fabric-lined frame delivers breadth of fit while adding comfort
  • Plush headgear assists in giving a more comfortable night’s therapy

Now with QuietAir elbow! – the F20 mask now includes ResMed’s QuietAir elbow, which reduces noise but 89% and makes exhaled air leave the mask 70% more gently. Both make the F20 more comfortable for both you and your bed partner.

The AirFit F20 was designed to comfortably fit the widest range of faces. Indeed, in an internal ResMed study, the AirFit F20 fitted 96.5% of all patients. The mask includes comfort features, such as the adaptive silicone cushion, which aim to provide a secure and comfortable seal for your therapy needs regardless of your face shape or size.

Extensively tested and designed to give you the best therapy experience, AirFit F20 is a proven choice among patients. Recent ResMed internal studies have shown that, when comparing against the current market-leading full-face mask, 86% of the patients prefer the seal of AirFit F20.

A majority of patients in ResMed internal studies also say they prefer AirFit F20 over the current market leader in terms of stability and ease of use.

AirFit F20 – Numerous small advancements combine to great effect

When looking at the ResMed AirFit 20 next to the previous generation, the AirFit F10, there are few visible differences. However there are several small improvements all over, and these combine to make a notable overall improvement to the already-popular F10.

The cushion: The AirFit F20 uses ResMed’s new InfinitySeal cushion design. While similar in shape to the F10, the cushion behaves differently. It effectively inflates towards the face, providing a more cushioned seal and greater flexibility. It should also allow for a looser fit (it is less reliant on being strapped tight to seal), and the wider contact area with the face reduces the risk of pressures sores. Finally, the cushion combines two silicone finishes from previous mask; the F10 cushion had a frosted finish which sacrificed a little grip compared to the smooth finish previous ResMed mask (such as the Quattro), in return for a softer feel and markings. With the F20, the majority of the cushion is the superior grip of the smooth finish, with the frosted texture used on the nasal bridge – the most problematic area for skin damage. ResMed have added stays on the inside of the cushion to prevent the reduced grip in the area causing the cushion to leak into the eyes. Initial reviews for this new mask suggest this design works very well, providing the best overall balance of seal and comfort of any ResMed mask to date.

Magnetic headgear clips: The AirFit F20 is the first ResMed full face mask to have magnetic headgear clips. There are numerous advantages to this style clip; they are far easier to apply, as the magnet gets pulled into place automatically, and also to remove. They are also not reliant on a relatively small hook of plastic, which is typically the first part of a CPAP mask to fail. The magnets are actively pulling the tab onto the mask throughout the night, so the risk of it detaching during sleep if greatly reduced compared to a hook design that can work its way loose or off. Overall, this is a big improvement over previous ResMed designs and we would expect this to now be the standard for all of their mask in the future.

Fabric frame supports: The “arms” the got from the main frame of the AirFit F20 to the headgear now have a fabric cover, unlike the AirFit F10 or the Quattro FX. This fabric cover prevents unnecessary silicone contact with the skin, which can be uncomfortable and cause marks or skin irritation.

Elbow and exhalation: The AirFit F10 had a quick-release elbow, which was very useful for getting up during the night without having the remove and re-fit the mask; you simply squeezed the elbow on either side to release it from the main mask. The AirFit F20 has redesigned the tabs to be made of plastic rather than rubber, so should be easier to push and also more durable. The exhalation port has also been redesigned, and early reviews suggest it is now notably quieter than the old F10 design.

AirFit F20 – the best ResMed full face mask?

The AirFit F20 is a clear culmination of the feedback ResMed have had from their previous mask generations; keep (and improve) what works, and change what does not. Gone is the entirely frosted cushion surface, replaced with a largely smooth surface seen in the Quattro, using only the frosting on the problematic nasal bridge with new supports to aid the seal in this area. Gone are the rubber quick-release tabs for the elbow, with a more durable and easier to use plastic design incorporated. The new inflatable seal and magnetic clips are new technologies that should provide a step forward from previous entries. Overall, these should combine to make the AirFit F20 ResMed’s best full face mask yet, and their internal studies (detailed above) along with early reviews suggest that they do. If you are considering changing to a different full face mask, then the AirFit F20 should be on your shortlist.

Sizing your ResMed AirFit F20 CPAP mask

We have found that the AirFit F20 does not always size up the same as other CPAP masks; including previous ResMed masks. We therefore strongly recommend using the Sizing Gauge in the Downloads tab above before ordering, and not to assume that being a medium in your current mask means you will be a medium in the AirFit F20. We always recommend using a sizing gauge when purchasing any CPAP mask for the first time, but with the ResMed AirFit F20 it is particularly important.

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